St. Michael’s represents the sport of rowing in the town of Dun Laoghaire and the town of Dun Laoghaire in the sport of rowing!

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Long Race 2017

***UPDATE: Long Race 2017 (09/09/17) has been cancelled.

The subcommittee for the Long Race 2017 met on the evening of Friday 8th September to consider the viability of the race. Based on forecasts, advice, and consultation, the 6-person subcommittee have decided unanimously to cancel the race in the interests of safety. We would like to thank all clubs and crews who entered and trained so hard, the support boat skippers for pledging their time and the use of their boats, and all our club members who volunteered to help out on the day. We hope to be back with the event in 2018, and that mother nature will play her part next time. Watch this space! ***


St. Michael’s Rowing Club are delighted to announce that we will be hosting the ‘Long Race 2017′ on Saturday 9th September 2017. All East Coast clubs are hereby invited to enter crews (adult only), with the last date for entries of Monday 4th September.


This race builds on the tradition of the ‘Hobblers Challenge’ race, hosted by St. Michael’s Rowing Club at various times since the 1990s, which used a number of courses, predominantly from Dun Laoghaire Harbour to the Kish Lighthouse and back.

The 2017 course follows an inshore course of the same length, but still begins and ends in Dun Laoghaire Harbour. This exciting new course also ties in with Dun Laoghaire Harbour Bicentenary , with which the club is proud to be associated.

The Course

In summary, the course starts at Dun Laoghaire Harbour, at the east breakwater beneath the Hobblers Memorial , out the harbour mouth, around the landward side of a ‘gate boat’ off Merrion Strand, around Poolbeg Lighthouse, up the Liffey as far as the ESB towers, before doubling back, across the mouth of Dun Laoghaire Harbour, across Scotsman’s Bay, past Sandycove and Bullock Harbours, turning at Coliemore Harbour, before returning to Dun Laoghaire Harbour, finishing at the end of the East Breakwater. See the Maps (jpeg and embedded) below.

The course is 27km long (purple line below), with an option of a ‘short course’ of 18km (red line below), which runs parallel to the long course, but without the section east of Dun Laoghaire Harbour – i.e DL > Poolbeg > ESB > Poolbeg > DL. It is recommended that only strong and experienced crews enter the long course. Winning times on the previous Kish course were in the order of 3hrs, with times of 4.5hrs+ being recorded for the back of the field. Both racees will start on Saturday 9th September at 9.00am sharp. Boats may launch from the Coal Harbour Slip in Dun Laoghaire.



 Entries and Safety

Only East Coast skiffs crewed by adult members of ECRC clubs may enter. Crews may be male, female, or any mix of male and female. There must be 5 people in the boat at all times, and the same 5 must finish the race as start it! Crews may substitute cox for rowers at any stage and as often as they wish, depending on strategy or circumstance.

For any club wishing to enter crews, please get in touch via the club email address (info [at] websiteaddress.com) or via  http://www.dunlaoghairerowing.com/contact-us/  . Following this enquiry you will be issued with the password for this Cox’s Instructions and Crew Entries Page which also contains the cox’s instruction pack and safety requirements. Bear in mind, the last date for entries is Monday 4th September.

Safety boats will be provided by the host club on the day, and all crews will be required to abide by the cox’s instruction pack and the instructions of these safety boats at all times. Complience with Dublin Port’s Guidance notes for Leisure Craft is vital. All crews will be required to present for inspection a full set of mandated safety equipment, including VHF, lifejackets, bailers, and boat identification numbers, and will not be allowed to enter if they do not pass this inspection.

Viewing and Afters

The best viewing for the beginning, middle, and end of the race will be from the East Pier Battery in Dun Laoghaire. All crews and suporters are welcome to refeshments after the race and into the night at McKenna’s Pub in Dun Laoghaire.

St. Michael’s Regatta 2017

fb_img_1498663143990Round 3 of the East Coast rowing regatta circuit moves to Dun Laoghaire on Sunday 9th July.

Racing will strart at 9.30am, at the West Pier behind Salthill and Monkstown Dart Station. With 17 races, with over 100 crews competing, from 10 clubs, it will be sure to be a spectacle. Scroll down for times, race order, and all the info you need. See the bottom of this page for more photos of what to expect.



Order of Proceedings

Draw – 8.30am, Cox’s meeting – 9.00am, First Race – 9.30am, Race order:

1. Novice Ladies
2. Novice Men
3. Mixed
4. U18 Girls
5. U14 Girls
6. U16 Girls (May be run with U14 Girls race)
7. Senior Ladies
8. Intermediate Men
9. Junior Men
10. U12s
11. Junior Ladies
12. Intermediate Ladies
13. Vets
14. Senior Men
15. U16 Boys
16. U14 Boys
17. U18 Boys

Medal presentations will take place after the last race, which will be followed by a one-off Kingstown 200 Bicentenary Rowing Race

Getting there: 

By dart:
– Monkstown & Salthill station.

By bus:
– 7, stop in Monkstown, 5-10 min walk
– 45a, 46a, 63, 73, stop in Dun Laoghaire, 5-10 min walk

By car:
– Access behind the Shell Site at the back of West Pier, parking available
– Salthill & Monkstown Dart Station would also have parking – from there you can use the stairs to access the coast.


All are invited to celebrate afterwards at McKennas‘ pub where Gary Byrne will be singing for us from 7pm. Please join us for a few drinks and laughs, we promise we won’t only talk about rowing!


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Kingstown 200 Bicentenary Rowing Race

Kingstown 200 Bicentenary Rowing Racestmrc-regatta-and-200-guineas-race-course-2017-total

St Michaels Rowing Club and the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta are proud do announce as part of the Classic Boat Programme in a special rowing race to mark the Bicentenary of the construction of the harbour. The race is seen as a fitting Finale to the weekend’s activities celebrating the 200 years of the harbour which rowing was one of the main activities both as a living with the Hobblers and racing in more recent years.

Race rules and details
The race will be immediately after the St Michaels Regatta race schedule is complete on the afternoon of Sunday 9th July. There is a ‘200 Guinea’ (€200 euro) prize for first place only, to be presented in a leather pouch.

Entries are limited to ECRC clubs participating at the St. Michael’s Regatta. All crews to be comprised of 2 men and 2 women and a cox of either gender (all adult). These need not be race crews, and there are no restrictions based on the entrants’ ‘normal’ race category. Crews may be entered at the regatta draw and will be drawn from ‘lane 1’ out depending on the number of entries at the draw. During the day, clubs may add crews via the race officer at regatta HQ to a maximum of 14 crews.

The race is from the launching beach at Salthill, along the west pier, through the harbour mouth, to a finish line between the Carlisle Pier and the Bandstand on the East Pier, approx. 2.6km. (see attached map). Prior to the start, participating crews are to wait with their boat in the shallows, with at least two crew members holding the boat in position with feet on the sand until the start gun. One member of each crew must await the start at an allocated flag at the beach (rear foot at flag). On the starting hooter, they may run/wade to their boat. Cox’s are encouraged to be mindful of possible fishing lines off the head of the West Pier. Safety boats will be provided for the route.

The winning boat will receive their prize at pontoon/slip at Royal St George Yacht Club. Retrieving of boats will be facilitated from the slip in the Coal Harbour, at the base of the west pier.

We look forward to your participation. If you have any enquiries, please contact Chris Doorly, doorlychris [at] gmail.com or on the day.


Dalkey Regatta: 10th July 2016

He we are, halfway through our regatta season and just back from Sandycove beach where was hosted Dalkey’s regatta.
Here’s a list of the medals won this Sunday – congratulations again to the Youth crews for representing us with such great attitude and results, and also to our Novice Ladies A for winning their 5th medal on their 5th race!
We are still on the podium on the overall shield, well done on your hard work everybody, we still have this!
ecrc dalkey
Thank you for all the support, for all the people helping out on regatta days, our usual visitors and the new ones – all the encouragements and crowd make those Sundays more special.
Pics by Chris D. & Mel M.

St Michael’s Regatta: Battle of the Bay, Sunday 3rd July 2016

The time has come, it’s our turn to host round 4 Regatta (supposed to be round 5 – Stella Marris’ regatta rescheduled from 26th June to 17th July) of season 2016 East Coast, coastal rowing, this coming Sunday 3rd July.



Our Battle of the Bay will strart at 9am sharp, at the West Pier behind Salthill and Monkstown Dart Station. 16 races, with over 100 crews competing among 10 clubs, be sure to be there to support your favorite club!

Getting there: 

By dart:
– Monkstown & Salthill station.

By bus:
– 7, stop in Monkstown, 5-10 min walk
– 45a, 46a, 63, 73, stop in Dun Laoghaire, 5-10 min walk

By car:
– Access behind the Shell Site at the back of West Pier, parking available
– Salthill & Monkstown Dart Station would also have parking – from there you can use the stairs to gain the coast.

 Race order: 

  1. Intermediate men
  2. U18 Girls
  3. Senior Ladies
  4. Senior MEn
  5. U18 Boys
  6. Mixed
  7. Novice LAdies
  8. Novice Men
  9. Intermediate LAdies
  10. Junior Men
  11. U14s
  12. U12s
  13. Junior Ladies
  14. U16 Boys
  15. U16 Girls
  16. Vets

Medal presentations will take place after the last race, and look what we have to congratulate the winners!

11779762_865302410174327_5227155866977107217_o 11046255_865302496840985_2936453143205541395_o

Huge thanks to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council for kindly sponsoring this event!


All are invited to celebrate afterwards at McKennas‘ pub where Gary Byrne will be singing for us from 7pm. Please join us for a few drinks and laughs, we promise we won’t only talk about rowing!



Bray Regatta, 19th June 2016

Back from Bray where was hosted our 3rd regatta for season 2016, and we brought back some great results!


As you can see bellow, 14 sets of medals were awarded to St. Michael’s! Huge congrats to everyone, the rows were tough!


Once again, out Youth crews made us very proud, and hugely contributed to rising our club  at the top of the league for the overall shield!


All members were honored to be celebrating  those victories as well as David Mc Guinness’ 50th Birthday with a guard of honor.


St. Michael’s Rowing Club wouldn’t be this successful without his dedication and commitment. Thank you for being a golden member of our Club Scratchy!



St. Michael’s Rowing Club is on Facebook, Twitter and… Instagram! #truestory

Do you like social media? We do too! And just to keep you updated with general club and/or regatta info, pictures and results… We post on Facebook and Twitter!

Capture d’écran 2016-06-14 à 11.21.20Capture d’écran 2016-06-14 à 11.22.43







You want more? We have more!
Recently was created an Instragram account to upload pictures that we take during our water breaks – because we wouldn’t stop rowing just for that… So if you want to see big boats ans sweaty rowers, make sure to follow us!



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dunlaoghairerowing
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RowDunLaoghaire
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rowdunlaoghaire/





Skerries Regatta: 12th June 2016

Our second regatta for this very promising season was hosted by Skerries rowing club on Sunday 12th June.


Despite the bad weather for the last few races, the day was lovely with the Dublin Airport Orchestra playing for us, a raffle, a barbecue, and as always, the best supporters cheering us all. 

Huge congrats to all our crew for their hard work, particularly our youth for their amazing results!


They greatly contributed to keep our club points up for the overall shield.


 Congratulations again everyone, back to training now to get ready for Bray next Sunday!

More pics on our Facebook page.

Arklow regatta: amazing start of season 2016!

Last Sunday, 29th May, Arklow Rowing Club hosted the first regatta of this season.


St Michael’s gathered 20 crews to race, and collected 12 sets of medals – an all time record for the club!

Results of crews bellow:
– Senior ladies: 2nd place
– U18’s girls: 1st and 3rd place
– U18’s boys: 4th place
– Novice ladies: 1st and 4th place
– Novice men: 2nd place
– U12’s: 4th place
– Inter men: 3rd place
– Junior ladies: 2nd place
– Junior men: 3rd place
– U16’s boys: 1st place
– U16’s girls: 5th place
– U14’s girls: 1st place
– Mixed: 1st and 6th place
– Senior men: 3rd and 4th place

Results have also  been updated on Twitter and Instagram.

Congratulations again to all members racing, and big thanks to the support from family and friends – we couldn’t have done it without you!


See you all for the next regatta hosted in Skerries on 12th June!